01 July 2014

Out and About

I'm going away tomorrow for a week or so. In between, we shall spend one night and day in the other Yorkshire National Park (that is, The Yorkshire Dales and not the North York Moors although both contain both!) We are hoping to cheer on Chris Froome and his pals whizzing past where we will park our camper-van and give them all a cheer. If you don't know about whom or what I'm talking, you're not a cycling fan like me.

Here are 2 easy clues: (I hope the weather will be more like the first than the second. But you never know in Yorkshire!) See you all soon.


  1. Great to see someone else with an unlikely enthusiasm. (I'm ridiculously excited about going to Lords to watch cricket in a couple of weeks!)

  2. Not a big cycling fan - but I liked the bicycle created in Yorkshire for the event, made entirely out of pork pies .. and dubbed a piecycle. Hope all is good with you.

  3. Glad to know all is well with you, Sally. Russell and I have been following the TDF on the TV only so we can see the Yorkshire landscape. It's in our part of the world today. Look forward to seeing you soon.