09 January 2014

Advice needed

I'd be the first to admit I'm not as tech-savvie as I should be, given that I am supposed to be intelligent, literate and all that. However, in the communication race, where I was once in a position to win a medal if I put my mind to it, the world of technology has long ago left me gasping on the sidelines. And the thing is, I don't care all that much.

The only problem is that when things go wrong, I don't have the language/vocabulary to translate what people mean when they explain possible solutions to me.

So, here is my problem. It's not a huge worry in my life but can anyone suggests solutions to me for the following niggles?

Why can I no longer leave comments on blogs I follow avidly - even have on my 'Blogger' home page? I am sure some people I know have given up on me - people like Nicola Morgan and Vanessa Gebbie spring immediately to mind but there are other people I know less ell. It's not personal.

Can anyone explain to me what has happened to Tweetdeck in the last few months. I had a month or so when I didn't tweet for various reasons. When I went back to it I could no longer understand it or use it. In particular what happened to direct messages (DM)? I seem to have become invisible.

As I said, I am not tearing my hair out. However, the more this sort of thing happens to me, the more I believe in the old-fashioned and slow ways of living.  Fortunately, we do not have  any mobile signal where I live and all broadband speeds are mega s-l-o-w. If the the sheep, grouse, pheasants, rabbits, etc can live without technology, so can I. Except where I find it useful. Isn't that always the way?

I can live without the very latest 'big thing.' I can happily live without queueing to get my grubby little mitts on the latest phone, tablet or interface thingie-whatit.  I could even go back to writing my novels by hand if my handwriting wasn't so appalling and I wasn't the Dowager Queen of Typos. So...I shall stick with my steam-powered PC (Windows XP even!) for as long as I can. Otherwise, I shall retreat into history where I am more comfortable. Swan's feather quill anyone? Quink Ink. Aah the smell of it. I could drink it...

PS I hate the word 'App' and all it stands for. So there.


  1. Well, it was absolutely lovely to exchange long emails recently - so nice! We have stopped doing that, writing long missives whether on paper or screens - everything is done in clipped half-sentences. So annoying it may be, and I miss having Sally-comments... but if it means the luxury of long natters in letter form, so be it. X

  2. I hear you, Sally. And as an example, I just wrote a comment here commiserating, and then found myself pressing what I thought was the 'Publish' button, but was the 'sign out' button, so now here I am doing it all again. What a time saver this technology is :-) But I guess what I was saying was that I feel the same, and just hope that people remember me as I remember them...consistently reading tweets and blogs, but not always able to respond.

  3. One suggestion - try changing your browser. What do you use now?